Я тоже так хочу: 5 вдохновляющих видео

Я тоже так хочу: 5 вдохновляющих видео

Поразительно, как здорово можно проработать тело, регулярно практикуя асаны. Практиковать, когда конечности слушаются тебя и не дрожат, — сплошное удовольствие. Позы плавно перетекают друг в друга, и йога превращается не просто в танец, а в настоящее искусство. Предлагаем вам 5 нереально красивых видео, на которые так приятно смотреть.

My favorite part of my Morocco adventure was staying in this magical little space. I know I already wrote one gushing post about how incredible it was for @C_andy_land and @Rifqiomar to take me into their home as a complete stranger. But, after spending an entire week with them- I can’t help but to write one more. I think I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced such selfless hospitality for such an extended period of time before. Everything from watching YouTube videos of how to make vegan food for dinner (which was amazing, by the way- shout out to Omar for being a kick ass cook). To taking me on road trips & showing me all of their favorite places. Their generosity & love was beyond inspiring to be around- and I’m leaving feeling completely full because of it. I’m so grateful for the sanctuary that is there home, but more importantly- I’m so grateful to have made two new friends who honestly already feel like family. It was so cool to meet them at such a pivotal point in their lives (planning a wedding & starting a new business!), and I can’t wait to see all of the new developments that unfold by the time I return next year. If you’re planning a surf trip around Taghazout area, make sure to look them up at @Surfsouladventure. I can just about guarantee you’ll leave with a happy belly & a full heart. From the bottom of my heart, thank you both for a week that I’ll never forget ???????????? #GLOWyogafam Ps: this is my first time hollowbacking in lotus!!!

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