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Yoga for Core Strength

Welcome to the Yoga Journal Yoga for Core Strength class! To get started, watch this video for a quick introduction to the class and to meet yoga teacher Erin Keeley, MS, ERYT, who will be guiding you through four core-building yoga sequences throughout the course.

Course goals

  • Learn to identify your core muscles and other key supporting muscles by name, function, and feel.

  • Learn and practice 21 core-building poses with proper alignment, breathing, movement, and muscle engagement.

  • Strengthen and tone your core for improved support, balance, and posture both on and off the mat.

Course structure

This course is designed to take four weeks, and while we advise following this timeline for best results, feel free to move at your own, safe pace and according to your own practice level.

In the Self Assessment, you’ll take a quick quiz to gauge your current level of core knowledge and strength before diving into a lesson on core anatomy.

In the sections on Fundamental Core Poses, Twisting Poses, Standing Poses, and Arm Balances and Inversions, we’ll teach you 21 core-strengthening poses—fundamentals like Plank Pose and Boat Pose; twists; standing poses; and arm balances and inversions—and how to engage and strengthen the muscles you learned about in our anatomy lesson.

At the end of each section, you’ll get a 10- to 15-minute video of a yoga sequence that incorporates the poses you just learned that you can follow along as you practice. You'll also take short anatomy quizzes to reinforce your core anatomy knowledge.

You’ll finish the course with a final self-assessment to measure how far your core knowledge and strength has come. Prepare to be impressed!


  • To complete this course, you’ll need a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, and 1-2 yoga blankets or pillows, as well as comfortable clothes for practicing yoga.
  • This course is designed for more intermediate or advanced yoga practitioners, but it’s great for all levels of practitioners who are mindful of their body and any personal restrictions. Go at your own pace, and practice the poses in each lesson using modifications as needed until you feel comfortable and ready to move on to the next lesson.
  • Additional resources can be downloaded from the Resources tab at the top of your screen and include printable versions of our core anatomy lessons and pose instructions; a Sun Salutations instruction sheet to help you warm up for the course practices; and a list of helpful Sanskrit terms.
  • The editorial content of Yoga Journal should not be used as a substitute for professional health care. Talk with your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen.



Before you begin this course in earnest, take a few minutes to see what you already know about core anatomy, and how you’re feeling about your current level of core strength and yoga practice.